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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 1, 2015


Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! Hey gang, nobody guessed yesterday's theme, mostly because yesterdays theme was me disappointing people.  Because there was SWERRRRRRVE no theme for yesterday.  I book this thing like Vince Russo in WCW, no planning, no forethought and only failure.  Congrats to Justin7 for wining best guess of the day, he takes home 100 billion Internetz for guessing the theme was "colloquialisms".  How "poop on your face sir" which was listed as an example would be anything other than the product of a broken brain I don't know.

And now the "news"

England's Top 7: Are They Hits Or Misses-Sky Sports

Hey man it's tough being a medium sized fish in a giant pond, that's accross the pond.

Meet The Bournemouth Sensation West Ham And Tottenham Are Fighting For-Sabotage TImes

Who knows if this guppy will grow into a giant but I don't think we need it. We got a little small mouth bass of our own already and some of those have got to become large mouth in a few years.

An Alternative EPL Eleven-SB Nation Soccer got nothing...ehh.. PATAGONIAN TOOTHFISH

City To End Season With US Trip-Bitter And Blue

Talk about a team that came in like a lionfish and went out like the lamp that psycho rich people probably feed to their piranhas.

Every Pick From The NFL Draft-SB Nation

Oh yea the teams go out and cast their nets into the sea, but who knows what how much of what they bring in are keepers and what needs to be thrown back (to the CFL).

Brucie bonus NFL draft stuff NSFW audio