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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 11, 2015

I love banana pancakes.

"Yo Nabil, this match sux, let's go get nachos."
"Yo Nabil, this match sux, let's go get nachos."
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Happy Monday Sprsland! And may this day in May (did you know horses eat hay?) find you going about your business with a level of effort far above what we saw on the field Saturday.  Because if you don't our economy is about to tank harder the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

The air was thick with listlessness and the pitch was a stage for absentminded play (except from Kane and Lamela) Saturday, and now that sucks.

And now the "news"

Spurs Want Europa Finish Says King Of Rage-Subbing On Strikers-Guardian

First thought: Why would anyone want that? We have played more games this season than any other EPL team. It's too much and the travel is killer. No wonder every year we end up limping through the last few games. We are burned out.  And of course just when he finishes this incredibly grueling season Harry Kane is going to go play in a nothing tournament he is way too good for.

Second thought: Eriksen said something like having European football was a big reason he picked us, so there is that.

Kane Praises Europa League-Sky Sports

Come on! I hope there is some secret reason he likes Europa, like he lives for 4 hour plane rides to the Ukraine so he can enjoy authentic green borscht.

Red Bull Fans Let NYCFC Know Where They Stand-SB Nation Soccer

As A Dc united guy I am loathe to say anything good about New York Pink Cows.  But that's a couple of sick burns.

Showboater Gets Cleaned Out-SB Nation Soccer

never have a show on a boat, nothing good comes of it.

Megan Rapinoe Gets 100th Cap, Does Awesomer Thing-Stars And Stripes FC

I have long sung the praises of my bae Megan Rapinoe, who is prefect in every single way.  I rather famously went into a deep depression when i found out she wasn't all that into dudes, not because that isn't cool but because it meant I would never live my dream of making her banana pancakes on the morning of our tenth wedding anniversary. Anyway click the link and see what she did.  #clickhole