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Spurs lead the Premier League in long range shots

Could this be one of Tottenham's problems?

Stu Forster/Getty Images have done some research and found that Tottenham have the highest percentage of long range shots in the Premier League.


Tottenham take a high percentage of their shots from range and struggle to create opportunities inside the box.  Defensively they have failed to limit the opposition’s ability to enter the box and take shots from within.  In isolation topping a shot chart might seem good, but when wedded to failing in a more important chart, it is alarming. - See more at:

Obviously, long range shots are low percentage chances. It may behoove Mauricio Pochettino to instruct his men to be more patient around the penalty area.

To add to the shot selection troubles, Spurs are near the bottom of the league in Total Shot Ratio:


For a more advanced break down of shot statistics, please check out Michael Caley's running calculations of all the important categories.

(h/t r/COYS)