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Watford looking at Spurs' Younes Kaboul to bolster defense

On one hand: it's the Sun. On the other hand: sure, let's totally do this.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Hilarious unfounded Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumors are hilarious. Cartilage Free Captain runs a series called "Dispatches from Bat Country," based on a scene from Hunter S. Thompson's Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, where we report on the nuttiest, most unfounded transfer rumors and tell you why you shouldn't believe them. When you see #batcountry on the site, that's what it refers to.

Today, we have a twist: our insane, completely unfounded transfer rumor is actually not only plausible, but something I'd like to see happen. It comes courtesy of The Sun, one of our favorite sources for bulls**t rumors, and a paper that is as of now behind a paywall so you can't actually read any of the articles. But that's okay in this case, because the headline tells you pretty much all you need to know: Watford eye up Kaboul.

Younes Kaboul is done at Tottenham Hotspur. That much is clear – if he had any sort of a future with Spurs, he would've been featured in any number of recent matches during the club's recent defensive crisis. He certainly would've been considered at least a bench option against Stoke City, but apparently Pochettino prefers Nabil Bentaleb in the back line to Younes Kaboul in any capacity.

Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that Spurs are willing to sell him to just about any club that will have him this summer. Enter Watford! As a newly promoted side, Watford is going to be looking for a cheap defensive upgrade. Kaboul is experienced, available, and most importantly, probably inexpensive. Daniel Levy negotiations aside, I'd be willing to bet that Spurs would let him go to anyone willing to offer anything close to the £6m Spurs paid to (re)sign him from Portsmouth in 2010.

Is there any actual evidence that Watford is looking at Kaboul? Oh hell no. But don't let that stop you in this case. Younes Kaboul needs to go, the HornetMoose are a team that could theoretically purchase him, and if we all think happy thoughts and sprinkle a little pixie dust, maybe we can actually fly him off to Neverland. I want this to happen very badly.

Also, please don't pay money to read The Sun.