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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 12, 2015

It's all about Tom Brady today, folks.

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Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! You know what's nice about today? We don't play Charlie Adam.

And now the "news"

Adebayor Goes off On Family Again In Second Facebook Post-Telegraph

If you are Adebayor's brother and you are reading this, I really hope he ninja kicks your soul into the next century only for our then alien overlords to drop you into a volcano only to come back as Tom Cruise. Or something equally horrible.

A Wild Paulo Dybala Rumor Appears-Inside Futbol

This is not a midfielder, I don't care.

Lackluster USWNT Still beats ireland 3-0-The Bent Musket

Why is a New England Revolution blog covering the USWNT? I don't Know but they did and that's nice that someone somewhere is because you like to read about them.

Do you Want To Watch Ronda Rousey Throw People? I Thought So-Bloody Elbow

I'd make Ronda Rousey banana pancakes, but only because she is terrifying to behold.

SB Nation's Patriots Blog Reacts To Deflategate Punishment-Pats Pulpit

If you are upset Tom Brady got suspended, please shut up.  He did something he specifically wasn't supposed to do.  if you are pissed about the fine, well yeah that's a bit much considering you've had teams (like mine) be captained by people who have been on trial for murder, or worse actually, killed people (not talking about Hernandez here) and the draft pick thing is totally over the top.  If you are calling for their championships to be taken, again shut up.  Every team is doing something just as bad or wore, every team.  Including yours.  And do you really want to win that way?  Ask the guys who are told they won the Tour De France back in 2002 a decade later because since them the 17 riders in front of them popped for doping and I doubt they will have a tale about how thrilling that "victory" was. I mean I have no doubt some deeply deranged Eagles fan will be hoping against hope that the titles are stripped so he can lead a 6 man sadness parade down broad street to celebrate finally an Eagles Superbowl win.  But these are Eagles fans.  Do the rest of you really want to act like them?