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Dele Alli improbably linked to three Championship club loans, but not MK Dons

MKWeb is reporting that the young Tottenham Hotspur midfielder already has suitors lining up to take him on loan next year. We examine the plausibility of these claims.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Silly season approaches; throw good sense out the window.

Earlier today Milton Keynes based website MKWeb picked up a story from, wait for it, The Sun that mentioned how our impressive, award winning midfielder, Dele Alli, was already being linked with a loan to the Championship next year, the clubs involved being Brentford, Charlton Athletic, and Fulham.

To this I say: welcome to #batcountry, stay a while.

This has to be made up, a complete fabrication, because it makes no sense. For starters the article hedges The Sun's claims in the next paragraph by stating:

In other corners the player may be set to stay at the North London Club with Mauricio Pochettino keen to filter him into his first team.

Along with Alli's actual quotes about being excited for Spurs this is cause for the alarm bells to be going off, loud and clear.

An additional reason to question the likelihood of this report is that MK Dons will be in the Championship next year. Why would Tottenham loan him out to a team playing at the same level with whom he has no experience when they could simply loan him back to Milton Keynes? At Dons he would be the best player, a returning stalwart, on a team that plays expansive, Alli-centric, football. That makes sense on all the levels the other rumored teams do not.

Finally, players do not have to incrementally climb the ladder of English football to become contributors at the Premier League level. Nabil Bentaleb went straight into the squad from the U-21 team and, while being far from perfect, acquitted himself nicely. Dele Alli is not just a talented player, he is the Football League's player of the year. While none of us should expect him to bag double digit goal and assist totals, there is nothing to suggest a Championship loan is what he needs.

Between the story originating in The Sun, hedging on its own headline within the same article, and not passing the common sense test, this story gets the "dispatches from #batcountry" label and not another passing thought.

Many thanks to brett rainbow and Ben Daniels for raising interesting points that were included in this write up.