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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 13, 2014

It's potentially the Spursiest thing to ever happen.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland.  Isn't it a fine fine day?  Yeah, let me change that for you.  You see we all knew (or should have known) that this was a transitional year for us and the boys in white.  Next year, or probably the year after that, is when we will be, if all goes right, taking our shot at the big time and the top four.  Harry, Bentaleb, Dier, will all be more seasoned it will be our time.  Top four hear we come.  WELL IT PROBABLY WON'T MATTER. Because England are pretty close to losing their fourth champion's league spot.  As explained to me by SB Nation big wig, Cambridge alum, and Kim Jong Un admirer Graham MacAree, if English teams have another year like this year in Europa and the Champion's League our fourth slot goes to Italy.  So of course OF COURSE, you know it, I know it, Graham is counting on it, in two years we will finally finish fourth again, and England will immediately lose a champion's league place. [Editor's note: It is known.]

And now the "news"

Jagielka Desperate For Lennon Stay-Daily Star

SO are we, we don't want him but we want him to be happy, gosh these are the breakups that hurt the most! Except for ones that get relived in "Kharma threads," those are a bit worse.

Andros Townsend's Father Quits Post In Protest of FA's handling Of Investigation Of Racism-Mirror

What kind of unlovable human decides to go to a lower league U-17 game to hurl [Editor's note: What? HURL WHAT?! I MUST KNOW!!]

Gedion Zelalem Cleared To Play For US, Joins U-20 Roster-Stars And Stripes FC

Hurray! Someone new for Ryan Rosenblatt to be an over the top fanboy for!

Juventus Advances To The Champion's League Finals, Instant Reaction-Black And White And Read All Over

Thanks God for it not being an all Spain final, I couldn't handle all the #hottakes.

Sepp Blatter Won't Set Foot In America Because Of The FBI-SB Nation Soccer

I guess at least one branch of the Justice department is doing good work somewhere.