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Tottenham Hotspur 2015-16 kit to feature diagonal sash, red AIA logo

The online predictions were accurate! SASH!

As promised, Tottenham Hotspur released their 2015-16 home kits to the public this morning. The reveal was announced via Tottenham's official Facebook page, with additional information on the club website.

Exclusive on Facebook! First look at our new 2015/16 home kit! Now available in the club shop here -

Posted by Tottenham Hotspur on Friday, May 15, 2015

The home kit, made by Maryland-based sporting goods manufacturer UnderArmor, is predominantly white but with a bold navy blue diagonal sash, described as a "heritage sash," comprised of six stripes of varying width. This is the first time in Tottenham's history that they will wear a shirt with a sash design. The shirt again carries the AIA insurance logo in red lettering on the front. The shirt also features a v-neck with navy trim, and is complemented by navy blue shorts, and white socks with navy trim.

The home goalkeeping kits were also revealed, and are forest green with white stripes on the sleeves and white trim.

Facebook exclusive! Behind-­the-­scenes photos from the photoshoot ahead of today’s kit launch! New home kit out now and available here –

Posted by Tottenham Hotspur on Friday, May 15, 2015

The club plans to wear the kits for the first time in Saturday's final home match of the season against Hull City. The kits are now available for purchase at Spurs Shop stores and Spurs Shop Online.

The club had released promotional images that teased the kit design, and sharp Spurs fans had shared ideas of what the kits would look like days ahead of the actual reveal. These designs proved to be accurate, almost down to the detail level.

Kit reveals are highly anticipated events, and yet nothing seems to divide a fan base more than the shirts they wear on the field. Personally, I absolutely love these shirts and plan to purchase one, but it's not difficult to find other Tottenham fans who positively loathe the design. To each their own.

The away and alternate kits were not announced, and one assumes they will be revealed at some point during the summer.