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Manchester United tracking Harry Kane, but Tottenham Hotspur aren't selling

Manchester might be putting in a big bid for Harry Kane, but the Tottenham Hotspur academy graduate isn't going anywhere.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

When you possess one of the hottest commodities in English football, there is going to be some interest from some big clubs. This is the position that Tottenham Hotspur find themselves in with Academy graduate Harry Kane. Kane came out of, essentially, nowhere to score thirty goals this season and now anyone and everyone that might need a striker is rumored to be sniffing around the 21 year-old. One such club is Manchester United. The Guardian is reporting that United will be looking at Kane, while the Daily Mail predicts a £45 million swoop.

United have all sorts of striker problems. First, most of their strikers are not good anymore. Wayne Rooney is still the big name at United, but fan opinion on his skills seems to wax and wane. Radamel Falcao will presumably not be purchased at the end of his loan from Monaco. Robin van Persie is getting old and increasingly fragile. While James Wilson is a promising prospect and Javier Hernandez could return from loan to play a part, United are without a world-class, line-leading number 9 for the first time in what feels like ages. So desperate is the situation that there is talk of converting Adnan Januzaj into a striker.

To review: United need a striker, manager Louis van Gaal has money, and Spurs have a great English striker. I mean, it's not hard to connect those dots, right? Except Daniel Levy is not letting his prized possession go for a measly £45 million and he's almost certainly not going to let him go to United. Especially not the summer after Kane signed a brand new five-and-a-half-year deal.

Maybe I'll start taking rumors of Kane going somewhere serious next year or the year after that. For now, my mind cannot even fathom a world where Harry Kane leaves Tottenham Hotspur this summer. Not even for crazy, stupid Gareth Bale money. It's just not happening. So, good luck United. Maybe you can buy Zlatan. I would actually really love that. Please buy Zlatan. Thank you.