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Tottenham Hotspur players film their own lap of honor

With selfie sticks! Which are banned at White Hart Lane!

One of the traditions in English football, and probably most football leagues I would guess, is the "lap of honor." The players come out after the last home match of the season and do a lap around the pitch as a thank you to the fans in attendance for all their excellent support over the long season.

It's a pretty neat thing. So Tottenham Hotspur decided to kick it up a notch, handed out cameras and selfie sticks to the players, and had them film their own lap of honor.

Some of the things you'll see in this video: The Good Chirpy™ parading around the White Hart Lane pitch; Mousa Dembele holding his young son; DeAndre Yedlin and Kyle Walker walking together like characters in a bromance movie ("The Right Back Brothers"), retiring goalkeeper Brad Friedel getting an applause gauntlet, and LOT of Kyle Walker mugging for the camera, since he took it upon himself to be the unofficial emcee of the video.

The use of selfie sticks is a neat idea, and only a little bit unfair, considering they were banned from White Hart Lane back in January. I guess if Daniel Levy says it's okay, then it's okay.

You can see another (higher quality) video that features Spurs TV interviews with Tottenham players over at Tottenham's official website.