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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 21, 2015

Thursday news and links. Read them. Or don't, whatever.

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! There are truths in this world, certain undeniable things.  Gravity is real, beer is good,and Friends is super overrated. These are things that are beyond dispute.  Science has spoke on these questions.  Now I submit two more truths to be self evident.

1.  Harry Kane should not play for the U-21s

2. The sash on our new kit is dogs**t like ALL SASHES [Editor's note: Fired.]

And now the "news"

Adebayor Considered Suicide Many Times-Guardian

It is not so surprising when you think about it.  A poor kid from a poor country who travels abroad to strange foreign lands alone at a young age and who's skills result in him making money but also in the breakdown of his family relationships.  It must have been extremely lonely and alienating.  Not for nothing, I have been VERY critical of Adebayor as a player, but if somehow he sees this he should know we all love him, no matter what.

Further this might explain some of the seemingly random streakiness in play.  Think its hard to put the ball in the goal? imagine if you are trying to do it while wondering if your brother would miss you for anything other than your money if you hung yourself.

Barca's Pedro Available For £7 Million-Telegraph

Nope, should not buy.  He costs £7m to buy but his wages would probably be WAY too high for us to afford for a player that wouldn't be a take over the game guy for us.  Then again he is probably a better option than someone we have been linked to out of France that SOMEONE is constantly jibber-jabbing about.

Goodbye Xavi, You're Still The Greatest-SB Nation Soccer

Someone is stealing some of Mr. Letterman's spotlight I see....

Juve Win 10th Coppa Italia-Black And White And Read All Over

Oh man Juve in the Champion's League finals and winning their domestic cup, man it's like the last five years didn't happen.  Hey if you are in Italy and see any referees with new gold Rolex's, I am just saying you guys know how to reach me.

JJ Watt Has A Bit of A Leg Bruise-SB Nation

There is no picture but there is a story out there about Kurt Angel you can find if you dive into the shoot interview world where he had a much worse bruise in a similar area, amongst others.  Lets just say I somehow found this picture to be a let down.