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Is this Tottenham Hotspur's new away kit?

That kit is blue and brown....or blue and black...or blue and navy....oh god, this is the dress all over again.

Via @DailyHotspur

Tottenham Hotspur recently debuted next season's home kit and word the new sash-tastic gear in their final home fixture against Hull City. Now, rumors are starting to make the rounds about what next season's away strip might look like. We have some pictures, the problem is that I don't think any of can agree on what the colors are.

The Tottenham Way have a post about the new kit and they say the kit is blue and brown. I don't see brown in those images. I think it's blue and navy, which would certainly be in keeping with recent color templates. Others in the writers room think that it might be blue and black, which would also be fairly reasonable.  As far as the design of the kit itself, I like it. whether it's blue and navy or blue and black, I think the colors go well together and I like the kind of rounded retro design element of the top stripe. The sponsor logo isn't nearly as obtrusive as it is on the home kit either. All in all, I think I'd buy this.