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Cologne chairman confirms Kevin Wimmer transfer but can't announce destination team

Look, we all know this is happening. Will someone just confirm it already?

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

The worst kept secret in football continues to be, well, the worst kept secret in football. FC Köln chairman Frederic Latz pretty well confirmed that Austrian center back Kevin Wimmer will be leaving the club this summer and transferring to Tottenham Hotspur... except that he didn't actually say that he's going to Tottenham Hotspur.

"Kevin wird verabschiedet, wir dürfen aber aus vertraglichen Gründen nicht sagen, wohin er wechselt. Der aufnehmende Klub möchte das nicht."

["Kevin will be transferred, but we can't tell you where he's going for contractual reasons. The host club do not want that."]

There are also (as of yet) unsourced reports on Twitter that state that Wimmer confirmed to the media that he's joining Spurs after Cologne's 2-2 draw with Wolfsburg today.

Look, he's coming to Tottenham. He knows it, both clubs know it, we know it. For whatever stupid reason nobody seems to want to officially confirm it until either the season is over or the transfer window opens, but we have enough evidence to tie a bow on it. Kevin Wimmer will be a Tottenham Hotspur player next season. All we need now is for the clubs to tell us what we already know.