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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 27, 2015

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Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday Spursland! So Spurs have only sold 19 thousand tickets for the Malaysian game.  And um, who cares?  I mean someone somewhere, from a professional standpoint should care.  But I can't muster up the ability myself.  It's a game that doesn't matter and a group of people who aren't predisposed to cheer for us.  Besides there are a lot of things standing in the way for your average Malaysian going to this game.  There are the protests by the ultras, crippling pollution wreaking havoc on their cardiovascular system, and the fact that the average auto mechanic makes $1374  a year.  Not a lot of room for disposable income there.

And now the "news"

Tiny Club Trying To Stop of From Picking Up Burnley Right Back-Guardian

I am not worried.  Because um yea I think we can out muscle Bournemouth.  And also um we have Kyle Walker, Dier, Yedlin and a few young prospects at right back coming up.  We don't need this guy anyways.

Are Spurs Really Worth * Aston Villa-Telegraph

No, because 8 times 0 is still 0.  Somebody get some ice for us to put on that sick burn #micdrop

Diego Costa Pelts Chelsea Fans With Celery-SB Nation Soccer

Yes that's pretty cool.

Fenerbahce Get Four Red Cards, Earn 5-SB Nation Soccer

I mean that first one was BS, but you still gotta be impressed by the grind.

All Taco All Star Team-SB Nation Soccer

This is disappointing.