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England striker set to snub Spurs for Liverpool despite late bid

Burnely striker and soon-to-be free agent Danny Ings appears to be heading to Liverpool, despite a big bid from Tottenham Hotspur.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Having watched Tottenham Hotspur play this season, you wouldn't think that adding a young striker would be a priority for the club. However, when a English talent like Danny Ings is available essentially for free, it makes sense for Spurs to at least kick the tires on the Burnley striker. For the last few months Ings has been linked most heavily with Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool. Reports from various media outlets (Goal, the Evening Standard, and Sky Sports to name a few) have Spurs submitting a bid of either £6 or £12 million for Ings, but all seem to favor him to go to Liverpool.

Why are Spurs making a bid for a player that will be a free agent, you ask? Good question. Burnley will be entitled to some compensation for Ings because he has been at the club for four years, is under the age of 24, and turned down the offer of a new contract. So, despite being out of contract on Monday, clubs must still negotiate a fee with Burnley or have the fee decided by a tribunal.

Liverpool, who's striker situation is much more unsettled than Tottenham's, are the leader for Ings services and given that Liverpool can likely afford to pay Ings much more in terms of wages, moving to Anfield makes sense. At Tottenham, Ings would be second choice behind Harry Kane or might find himself shunted out wide. Regardless, he is unlikely to have the same opportunity to start here as he will at Liverpool. While, Ings would be a good addition to the club, I'm not holding my breath on Spurs making this signing happen.