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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 29, 2015


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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Happy Election Day Spursland! And it is a big  election day Joe, A BIG ONE. This one is for all the marbles.  Will the voters for FIFA President  rubber stamp a corrupt dictator for another four years in light of so many of his capo-regimes being arrested charged of in the case of Brazil's last representative at the conference fleeing into the night? OR will they vote for a change that will, according to the previous author of the Hoddle, will result in "a flood of Prince Ali-themed Aladdin jokes". Well I am not going to sit idle on these times when leadership is merited.  I can't sit down and stay silent.  And while I do not have a vote I have taken stock about how my personal #brand can best be used for good.  And after coming through the comment threads and seeing how the general public views me, and having only a mind for the good of millions and not the financial benefits to a few shadowy business "people" I have decided to formally endorse Sepp Blatter for another term.

And now the "news"

Danny Ings To Decide Between Liverpool And Spurs-Telegraph

This is a no brainier.  Both teams aren't what they could be, but one finds new an innovative was to disappoint each year and the other disappoints in repetitious and predictable ways.  The question is, do you want to break new ground or do more of the same old same old? [Editor's note: I'm still not sure which club is which.]

Kane's Summer Will Feature 31,911 Travel Miles-Sky Sports

And that doesn't even include PLAYING IN THE GAMES.  AM I TAKING CRAZY PILLS DOWN HERE? This is a disaster.

US, Canada Pull Support For Blatter-SB Nation Soccer

A nice gesture but this isn't going to fix anything.  Look, all sports organizations are corrupt.  Yes, all of them, if you need proof pick a organization and goggle them with the word corruption, you will find something.  but there are excepted levels of this.  What's the key to keeping it under control? IDK but I recently saw an interesting idea...

Is Sponsor Pressure The Key To FIFA's Future?-SB Nation Soccer

Shocking, a new and good idea comes from my own personal sport prophet Andi Thomas.

So Who Are These FIFA People Who Are Indicted And What Did They Maybe Do?-SB Nation Soccer

Thank God for this because before I read it I was so confused I was basically sitting on my floor, hugging my knees to my chest while muttering a certain song from the 90s.