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Tottenham Hotspur confirms capture of Bundesliga defender

Daniel Levy has already opened his checkbook and it's not even June. Wimmer Wimmer, chicken dinner!

Kevin Wimmer seems to make friends easily
Kevin Wimmer seems to make friends easily
Michael Kienzler/Getty Images

In the most shocking revelation since news of FIFA's corruption broke earlier this week, Tottenham Hotspur have officially signed FC Köln center back Kevin Wimmer.

Rumors have been circulating that this deal was complete for months now. Even the player himself has commented on his exciting future at Tottenham. But for some reason both clubs have steadfastly pretended that nothing was going on. The only surprise about this signing is that the club actually decided to acknowledge that it happened.

The fee was not announced by the club but was thought to be in the realm of £4.25m.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Wimmer is a 22 year-old Austrian defender who made 72 appearances for Köln. After being promoted last season, he led them to a comfortable 12th place finish on the back of the fifth-best defense in the league.

Given that Spurs had the fifth-worst defense last season, this is probably a very good thing for the team.

Welcome aboard, Kevin!