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Monday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And links May 4, 2015

News and links for your Monday.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Monday Spursland! If you think Ryan Mason's positioning hasn't directly correlated to multiple losses for this team, I assume you also think the US government faked the moon landing.  Because that is the kind of fact ignoring that we got going on here.  That or you are blind and are only going by what the commentary team for NBCSN have been saying, I had the pleasure of listening to them on Sunday, they are some delusional people. [Ed: How dare you besmirch the name of the blessed Rebecca Lowe!]

And now the "news"

Pochetino Wants Transfer Control-BBC

If you want me too make the meal you need to let me shop for the groceries.  Which is something that is true: if my girlfriend does the shopping and I am cooking because she will assume that you can replace the butter in a recipe with Greek yogurt.  But If I go shopping I have all the confidence in the world that 55thVin is gonna make me an awesome meal (even if he puts peas in his red sauce).  It doesn't matter who picks the players as long as the GM and the manager are on the same page and neither of them suck at their jobs.

Spurs Not Taking The Next Step Up Says Henry-Sky Sports

We've noticed, thanks for rubbing a little of that red tinted salt in our open wounds you pundity pundit you.  You astute observer of the football landscape.

Seriously this is such obvious provocation engineering by his editor.  And it is smart business on their part and this is exactly how they want me, the target of this smart bomb of condescension, but it's driving me nuts and I need to go to my happy place.  A place where I know that someone invested money in something this dumb. Ahh that's better.

Chelsea Are Champions-We Ain't Got No History

I present this in response. I don't care.

Newcastle Need Change Now-SB Nation Soccer

Like any reasonable hobo I enjoy gathering around the dumpster fire, but this is just sad and I hope they find a way to turn this around and get back to where they belong, solidly in the mid-table.

Mayweather Beats Pacquiao-Bad Left Hook

Did you pay for this fight? I bet you aren't satisfied.  Some uber-boxing nerds probably can really appreciate the defensive tactics and the beauty of Floyd Mayweather.  95% percent of people who ordered this fight aren't that.  Hope you don't feel too bad about watching Mayweather clinch every time, Pacquiao.  I have a proposal to fix that though. What if you were only allowed to clinch four times in a 12 round fight?  And every time you clinch after that is a point off.  Sounds pretty cool right?