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Harry Kane, Dele Alli honored w/ Hero cards by FIFA 15

The Spurs rising young stars get supercharged collectibles in FIFA 15's most popular in-game mode.

Though anyone who follows Spurs is more than acclimated with Harry Kane's heroism during the 2014-15 campaign, you likely have to be a bit more of a football enthusiast to be well versed in Winter transfer window purchase Dele Alli and his outstanding work on the pitch for MK Dons. Fresh on the heels of some major awards from the Professional Footballers Association, EA Sports and their popular FIFA 15 Ultimate Team video game mode further recognized the duo.

On Tuesday, the developer team behind Ultimate Team released two collectable/playable purple "hero cards" for Kane and Alli. This is the first such time the game has released cards targeted for recipients of major individual league awards as well as "heroic contributions during an important match such as a league derby, winning promotion to a higher league, or saving their club from relegation". For those unfamiliar with the game, think of it like collecting football cards growing up, only playable within the context of the FIFA 15 video game.

Besides only being available in packs for through next Monday, both cards feature enhanced attributes which are reflected in their in game performance. Alli in particular sees his most overpowered in the game to date.

While both cards are must have for obsessive compulsive (see: problem) FUT players who back Spurs, they're likely not the last special cards the two will receive. Kane and Alli alike are near virtual locks for EA's "Teams of the Season", which are the second highest caliber of cards released annually and should boost that edition of Kane's in-game stats and performance to the level of the best strikers in the BPL. EA made news over the weekend by delaying their so-called TOTS squads due to the impact black market in-game currency's had on the game's digital economy.