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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 6, 2015

Tottenham news and links for Wednesday

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday Spursland!  People I want to give hugs to today: Adebayor.  People I don't want to hug, those of you who are thinking of starting "a new hoddle".  Rest assured the alliance will always beat the independents. Malcolm Reynolds disputes this fact, but then again maybe that's why that show got canceled.

And now the "news"

A Long Slow Recovery For Greaves-BBC

This is good news, which is a surprise to me.  You don't expect a lot of positive health news about people resembling Wilford Brimley.

Lennon Could Be Too Expensive For Everton-Guardian

I am not sure they now how badly we want to A) get him off our wage bill, and B) want to see our special special boy playing well with a home that cherishes him.

What The UK Elections Mean For Football-SB Nation Soccer

I don't know anything about this, an, but if I was, I would.  Because Masie Williams told me to.

Qatar Are Arresting Journalists Investigating FIFA Deal, Holding Them For Days Then Destroying Their Footage-Deadspin

Qatar violating basic human rights and destroying evidence of it being just the worst kid of jerks? That's about as common as.. . me misspelling any word.

The Islanders Break Down The Home Ice In Nassau For The Last Time-SB Nation

Pour out a little of ya cawfee, the unofficial capitol of what totally should be it's own separate state is now dead.  We shall all come together again in Brooklyn, which as we all know is just Long Island's a**hole pretending to be as cool as Manhattan.