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Mousa Dembele and Andros Townsend available for match at Stoke City

So I guess they were hurt?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In recent weeks, the writers of Cartilage Free Captain has been the internet's leading source for questions about Mousa Dembele and why the $*%# he wasn't in Spurs' starting line up. Well, it seems like we have an answer about Moussa's whereabouts. And Andros Townsend's as well!

Now I could be wrong, but this is the first I'm hearing about these injuries. Although this is roughly consistent with the way football teams seem to report their injuries. One would assume that the clubs' medics, Jojen Reed and Branden Stark were the only ones aware of this.

In any case, it makes sense given that Dembele has really helped our team both as a starter and a sub this year and Andros Townsend was getting starts until he suddenly wasn't. Here's hoping this injury has been what's kept Moussa out of the first team and not a sinister alliance with Kaboul Kabal.