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Mauricio Pochettino will have final say on all Tottenham Hotspur signings

Mauricio Pochettino said some things that are not blantant confirmation of transfer control, but would appear to be strong evidence towards this.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Well, this is interesting. Earlier this week The Mirror had a story that Tottenham Hotspur would hand control of transfers over to Mauricio Pochettino, and sure enough, Pochettino has apparently confirmed that this will be the case. MirrorSport have the relevant quotes from him:

"For all managers at all clubs, it is important on the players coming in that you always agreed with the club in signing these players. This is not only for me, but all managers.

"We have worked very hard in the last six months to identify our targets, to have a clear idea and picture, we analyse and assess all the situations to deliver in the summer.

Now, it's important to note that nowhere in those quotes does he actually say "Yes, hello, I have full control of all transfer dealings and have usurped Daniel Levy. Bow before me, foolish mortals." He does, however, talk about "we" (#tbt "we is us"), which one can safely assume references the new setup of Poche, Paul Mitchell, Franco Baldini, and Daniel Levy. That setup is apparently going to be the transfer braintrust moving forward composed of Mitchell's scouting acumen, Levy's negotiating, Poche's approval, and Baldini's handsomeness (since nobody really knows what exactly he does for club at this point). The fact that Poche states they have identified targets is heartening, because it means we have a plan of some kind that he has had a hand in developing.

So, while Mauricio Pochettino may not have confirmed it outright, it appears he will be involved in approving all transfers in and out of the club this summer. Which ideally should help us avoid a situation where he says that he was never supported and players were signed over his head. *Cough* AVB *Cough*