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Tottenham's Bongani Khumalo appeals for thieves to return stolen bible

People are really awful sometimes.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur defender Bongani Khumalo, currently on loan at League One Colchester United, had his hotel room broken into on Sunday evening in Colchester and had all his stuff stolen. That's bad enough, but one of the items stolen was a bible belonging to his late mother that included lots of hand-written notes and that has immense sentimental value to the South African. Khumalo issued an appeal on Tottenham's official website asking for thief to please return his stuff, or at least the bible.

"I arrived back at the hotel after what was a great win for a bit of a rest and then went out to meet up with the boys from about 8pm. When I came back later that evening, everything in my room had gone, including my car keys and my car.

All my possessions had been taken including some sentimental items, one being a Bible that my late mother left me. It still had her notes and everything - that was always something that I've held dear to me.

I don't know - if there's any universe where someone would find the good nature to just leave it back at the hotel or something, I'd be so grateful because that's something that can't be replaced."

Who steals a bible? More than that, who breaks into a professional footballer's hotel room and takes something that so obviously has a personal connection? Man, people suck. I hope Bongani has his stuff returned, or at least that he's able to get his mother's bible back. Or at the very least that the thief actually starts reading it and maybe learns something about how stealing is bad. Because it is.