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Agree to Disagree: Chadli or Townsend at Left Wing

In a new series on Cartilage Free, "two" writers share some persiflage over an important (or not) Spurs debate. This week, 55thVin and Vince, two totally different writers, look at Tottenham Hotspur's left wing situation.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Apparently, Andros Townsend was battling an injury the last few weeks. Who knew? Well, he is fit again, and this leaves Mauricio Pochettino with an interesting decision to make on Saturday. Christian Eriksen and Nacer Chadli have been the only nailed on starters in the attack, but with Erik Lamela turning in a man of the match performance against Manchester City, and given his high ceiling, it would be incredibly harsh to bench him this week. That leaves the enigmatic Belgian as Townsend's main competition for a spot tomorrow against Stoke City.

Cartilage Free Captain "writers" 55thVin and Vince discussed Pochettino's options.

55thVin: Goals matter. Thank goodness we have multiple players that can score them and Nacer Chadli is one of those. For all the talk of him being one dimensional, uninvolved, and prone to the bad pass, he scores and assists goals. Not only goals, but difficult goals that garner the team points.

Vince: 55thVin, you're an idiot. While Nacer Chadli is capable of a great goal or two, he contributes almost nothing else to the attack on a week to week basis. Andros Townsend is a one man attack waiting to happen. Spurs do not have a single player as direct or aggressive on the ball as Townsend. He normally does not play on the left, but that should not be taken as a hindrance as one of his best moments of the campaign for Tottenham came down the left.

Additionally, this famous equalizer on England duty was also scored with his right.

55thVin: Two goals. You are basing your argument on two goals? Sorry everyone, but this article is going to take a while for you to read as I now have to include all ten of Chadli's league goals because that is how Vince wants to play it. (Editor's note: absolutely not.)

Vince: Speaking of abundant clips, guy with a number for a name, I will now include a montage of all of Townsend's dribbles and Chadli's awful first touches, since we're playing the quantitative game. I didn't want to take it there, but how else am I expected to argue with such an imbecile? Game, set, and match: Vince. (Ed. note: nope, no way. For the love of everything, who let these two morons argue this point anyway?)

55thVin: Well, at least we can agree that this is the only issue the team has going into this match, right?