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Harry Kane staying humble despite Premier League success

Despite being the English media's newest darling after scoring 32 goals for club and country this season, Harry Kane is still trying to stay grounded and focused on his career.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Harry Kane's had a good week. Tottenham Hotspur's newest superstar scored three goals in two exhibition matches in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney during Spurs' post-season tour, and is now getting ready for what viewers expect is an impressive display for England in the U21 European Championships. But despite the frantic attention lavished upon him by fans halfway around the world, Kane has thus far refused to let himself be swept away by his sudden fame. In comments given to the Mail after Spurs' 1-0 win over Sydney FC, Kane explained how he's trying to stay grounded amidst a whirlwind of a year.

"I accept my lifestyle will change a bit, but I still want to remain the same. That's why I was determined to get out of the hotel and have a little walk around Sydney.

I will always try to be as normal as I can. Obviously there may have to be some limits with it, but I am still a fan at heart and want to live like a normal person."

Cliché as it may sound, Kane has done an admirable job of not letting fame get to him. His story being what it is – English academy player suddenly thrust into the spotlight – it would be easy for him to get swept away by the attention, the sudden fans, the accolades from the press. But that hasn't happened yet. Instead, Kane seems to be taking everything that's happening to him in stride. And more than that, he just wants to stay Harry Kane the north London kid from Chingford.

"Last summer I went to Dubai and Thailand on holiday and people hardly recognised me at all. People are telling me it will be different this year. But I've always said if if I ever got in this position I would deal with it properly and take it in my stride.

I was a fan once and I remember what it was like approaching footballers for their autographs. I used to get starstruck a lot of the time. So I have a lot of time for fans, especially when you come over here where people don't get a chance to see you often. It's crazy, but I've loved every minute of it."

In a sport that seems to be dominated by the cult of the superstar athlete, it's refreshing to see a new star like Kane: honest, down to earth, just happy to be here. You can see it in his interaction with the media, with the way he plays, and his willingness to stay at Tottenham, his club since he was 11. Read his interviews and you can't help but feel like he's sincere when he says he hopes he has a long career at Tottenham. And you can also sense the support network he has behind him, keeping him grounded and happy.

"You see some footballers nowadays go off the boil a bit, but I've been brought up well. I have a strong unit of family and friends around me and they will always keep me in place if I ever do wander off track."

Harry Kane is the kind of player that Tottenham fans absolutely adore, a potential one-club superstar in the mold of Steven Gerrard, Ryan Giggs, or Ledley King. And while it's too early to say what the future holds for Kane, right now he's saying all the right things and acting as though he's just happy to be accepted, and part of the team.