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Spurs youngster Musa Yahaya is making a name for himself at the U-20 World Cup

The mysterious youngster is impressing everyone with his highlight reel moments

Michael Bradley/Getty Images

Musa Yahaya is a Tottenham Hotspur academy player. That's about all we know about this mysterious 17-year-old from Nigeria. Yahaya signed with Spurs in 2014, but is unable to officially appear for the team due to England's strict work permit rules. The youngster has trained with the team several times, but until he's granted the permit cannot play.

Yahaya is currently playing in the 2015 U-20 World Cup in New Zealand. Nigeria fell to powerhouse Brazil 4-2 in their opening match of the tournament. Yahaya started the match and had a huge part in both of the Nigerian goals.

The first highlight reel play saw the Spurs starlet thread a ridiculous rabona pass through two Brazilian defenders into the path of Manchester City's Kelechi Iheanacho who finished off the chance.

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Yahaya then proceeded to give Nigeria a lead a half hour into the match when he cut to his right foot and blasted a shot past Brazil's goalkeeper.

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Nigeria would go on to lose the game, but the Spurs academy player gave us all a reason to hope he's declared eligible as soon as possible.