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Midfield star feels "right at home" at Tottenham


Stanley Chou/Getty Images

In an offseason that is overshadowed by player departures as much as for signings, it's nice to hear when one of your talismanic players is happy and wants to stick around. Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen gave quotes to the Danish paper Ritzau, as printed in the Standard, recently that indicates that he has no plans to leave Spurs and is quite happy where he is.

"I feel right at home at Tottenham. I haven't thought about leaving yet. I still have three years on my current deal so I'm not in a big rush to leave the club...

We've a very promising squad with a lot of young players who have done well this season and they will only improve next season. So it will be exciting."

Despite trailing off a bit in form toward the end of the 2014-15 season, Eriksen is still one of the best players at the club, is coming off a very impressive season that saw him score 12 goals, and at age 23 still has plenty of years during which to improve. He's a key piece in Tottenham's push for a Champions League place next season, and it makes my heart leap with joy to know that there's still a very good player on the team whom we won't have to worry about abandoning us to go play in Madrid this summer.