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How did Daniel Levy let Swansea beat Spurs to a great winger?

Andre Ayew has signed with Swansea, and Spurs may have missed out on a great deal.

Kaz Photography/Getty Images

Another transfer target bites the dust. Andre Ayew, Marseille's out-of-contract midfielder, has been linked to Tottenham Hotspur for a few weeks, and for a while it looked like he was close to signing with Spurs. Instead, he was just snatched up and signed by Swansea City on a four-year deal.

Ayew, a Ghanaian attacking midfielder, was available on a free transfer. Comfortable on either wing, he has gobs of pace, and certainly knows where the goal is, having scored 11 goals last season for OM. He'll be a pretty astute signing for Swansea; this is a pretty phenomenal get for them, and at a fantastic price -- free.

It was probably Ayew's price that appealed the most to Spurs. For the low, low price of nothing, he would've been a goal-scoring winger like Nacer Chadli but with a higher defensive work rate. Useful, considering the defensive frailties of our current midfield. And even though some consider Ayew a bit of a tool, including his own (now former) teammate Andre Pierre Gignac, who flat out called him "a motherf****r," he's a player that could have diversified Spurs' at times static offense.

We obviously don't know if Spurs' reported interest in Ayew was legit, if Swansea offered him a better deal, or if Ayew turned Tottenham down. Still, I would've liked to see this signing happen. An upgrade is an upgrade, and even if Ayew wouldn't have set the world on fire he might have equalled the goal scoring output of someone like Nacer Chadli and looked a lot better doing it. Spurs might have higher priorities in the transfer window, but sometimes you have to grab those opportunities that present themselves. When a player like Ayew ends up at Swansea, it sure makes it look like Spurs whiffed.