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Former manager blasts Tottenham Hotspur as "disappointing" on Twitter

Shut up, Harry.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp pulled no punches about his old club in recent comments on Twitter. The bejowled (and currently unemployed) manager blasted Spurs as "a major disappointment" since he departed the club in 2012.

The tweet links to a video interview where Redknapp states that he quite likes Mauricio Pochettino but obliquely lays into Spurs chairman Daniel Levy for what he claims are poor signings and poor decisions to sell Luke Modric and Gareth Bale.

Since Harry joined Twitter he has been a master at trolling just about everyone: he pilloried the West Ham fan who lambasted Frank Lampard while he was manager, broke the Andre Ayew to Swansea story, and released a video parodying the "No wonder he's in the f***ing reserves" video from his time at Portsmouth. So it's no surprise that Tottenham Hotspur are in his sights now, and this video is straight fire.

Look, Harry's right that Spurs' use of the Gareth Bale money didn't work out as intended, but it's a lazy opinion to state that because the signings didn't work that they were ill-advised. Soldado was a proven La Liga striker. Paulinho was excelling in central midfield for Brazil. Everyone wanted Erik Lamela. It's difficult to replace a superstar player, but most of Spurs' signings with that money were considered good buys at the time. It's only in retrospect that you can say Spurs "wasted" the money, and transfers are hard. Just ask Liverpool.

Moreover, I get angry when Redknapp touts his record at Spurs as a pretext for slamming Spurs' more recent finishes. He blames Spurs not finishing higher in his last season on ownership not buying him a striker, but that completely overlooks the fact that Redknapp virtually abandoned the team in his failed pursuit of the England job that went to Roy Hodgson. Spurs finished fifth in that year after a late season collapse that had as much to do with Harry failing at his job than not being backed in the January transfer window.

Also, it's not like Redknapp's teams weren't talented or that he wasn't backed by Levy in the transfer window. During Harry's tenure Spurs signed Rafael Van der Vaart, Scott Parker, Sandro, Brad Friedel, and a number of other players who had huge impacts for the club in the Champions League season and the two seasons after it. Besides, it was reasonably well known that the two strikers that Harry wanted at the time were Sergio Agüero and Giuseppe Rossi, both of which were stupidly expensive at a time when Spurs' record signing was £17m and neither of which were ever likely to sign for Spurs.

Moreover, since Harry left Tottenham, Manchester City has ascended through fiscal bombardment to become a football powerhouse, the existing rich teams have all gotten richer, and it's become that much more difficult to crack the top four. I sincerely wonder where Tottenham would have finished in the league the past few seasons if Harry were still managing the club today.

Harry Redknapp has successfully trolled me into anger, and that's probably what he wanted. I like Harry, and remember (most) of his seasons in charge fondly. We'll always have the 2010 Champions League. However, as much as I love watching him needle the press and others about football-related matters and give interviews through his car window, this tweet and video ticked me off and brought back a myriad of feelings that I thought I had successfully buried. It's within Harry's purview to say what he wants about his time at Spurs, but if that's true, then it's also within our purview to call him out when he's full of s**t.