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EPL newboys target Tottenham flops in summer spending spree

The Kaboul Cabal could be heading to the Hornet Mooses this summer.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Even if you've barely followed any of the Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumor nonsense this offseason, you probably already know that Younes Kaboul and Etienne Capoue are probably going to be sold. The only question is to whom, and for how much. Enter France Football, which suggests that newly-promoted Watford might be looking at the core of the "Kaboul Cabal" in an attempt to shore up their defense ahead of what will be a grueling Premier League campaign.

Although there's absolutely no evidence that Watford is truly interested, this rumor actually could make a lot of sense for them. Capoue and Kaboul were both starters at the beginning of the season under Pochettino, but were both shunted to the very fringes of the squad amidst rumors of internal conflict and personal issues. Kaboul in particular hasn't seen the pitch for Spurs since the 2-1 FA Cup loss to Leicester City back in January.

Neither of them are terrible defenders, either. Capoue is actually a pretty darned good defensive midfielder, and while Kaboul is nearly 30 he still could do a job for a newly-promoted side trying to get a foothold in the Premier League. Take away whatever it was they did to get themselves exiled from the first team and both players would be solid additions to any number of Premier League clubs. It's just not going to be Spurs.

Watford are going to need help at most positions to stay up, and it would make a lot of sense if they were to take a chance on two players that are marginalized (one surmises) more for their interpersonal conflicts than their game. Plus, Kaboul could reunite with his old pal Gomes, Spurs' former goalkeeper who has been quietly dominating the championship with Watford this past season.

France Football isn't the greatest of sources, but they have been on the forefront of the Anthony Martial saga and are generally clued in when it comes to French players in the EPL. It's a rumor to keep an eye on, anyway.