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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 12, 2015

RIP Dusty Rhodes, the American Dream. Hard times come again no more.

Dusty Rhodes, WWE legend, passed away yesterday. The American Dream is dead.
Dusty Rhodes, WWE legend, passed away yesterday. The American Dream is dead.
Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! Harry Redknapp comes out here and he's running his mouth, Harry Redknapp comes out on Twitter and suddenly he's got a lot to say.  Well Harry Redknapp doesn't know about hard times brother. Hard times is when Real Madrid comes and steals the heart of your offense.  Hard times is when you get a new heart to you team and Real Madrid comes back and steals him away too.  Hard times is when your manager abandons your team to chase the phantoms of long lost management dreams.  Well Harry Redknapp put hard times on Tottenham Hotspur. But we don't accept hard times around here anymore.

And now the "news"

Chadli Advises Benteke To Choose Spurs-Take Football

Talk about your "Dusty Finish" because that title is not at all what happened here.  It does have a quote from Chadli saying he would like Benteke  to come but that's it.  It would also be kinda weird for him to be urging him to come because Chadli isn't guaranteed to still be here in a week.  Especially if that dynamo kid coming in from Monaco drops by before the window closes.

Adebayor Wants To Stay- Haringey Independent

Now see here Ade, You may not want to go on that Great American Bash Tour but The four horseman did you wrong, making you wake up with a little heart ache, a little serious pain.  So you gots to go. (Translation: Jump to MLS there is money there and they would like to have you, unlike everyone else)

Jack Warner Uses Stirring Music To Respond To John Oliver-SB Nation Soccer

A villain using dramatic music? Well I never. Too bad that villain comes up short.

FIFA Director Of Communication Steps Down After Better Than Solid Joke-SB Nation Soccer

That is a solid solid joke even if it is does seem to be a complete rip off from Henny Youngman. It's a classic, not unlike this one.

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes Passes Away At 69-Cageside Seats

Happy trails, Dream. You are on your way up to the big ring in the sky to filly see your pal Magnum TA again. (Update: Magnum TA it turns out is alive and I am a moron)