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Back off, United: Spurs chairman to refuse offers for superstars

Get used to hearing it, because it's going to be repeated a lot.

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

This isn't the first time and won't be the last time you'll have heard this, but Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has reiterated that he has no plans to sell his club's two best players, Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane, to Manchester United or any other club in this summer's transfer window.

According to Matt Law in the Telegraph, Levy has reiterated to manager Mauricio Pochettino that Spurs are keen to hold on to their best assets in the wake of rumored large bids from Louis Van Gaal's United. The article references "White Hart Lane insiders" who suggest that the chairman has met "several times" with Pochettino to reassure him that the two are crucial pieces of Tottenham's development as a club. Interestingly, the article intimates that one reason Pochettino took the Spurs job was so that he could build a Champions League-caliber club without having to sell his best players every season like he had to at Southampton.

There hasn't been any formal contact between the clubs as far as anyone can tell, and any informal inquiries have been more or less along the lines of Would you? and Naa. But still, this is transfer season and this is Manchester United, so don't expect this story to go away until the window slams shut on September 1.