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¿Bienvenidos Iker? Madrid keeper could replace Lloris at Spurs

According to one journalist, Iker Casillas could be Hugo Lloris' replacement if he moves to Manchester United.

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The goalkeeper merry-go-round rumors continue to spin. Today, Mail on Sunday football journalist Rob Draber posits that Madrid keeper Iker Casillas is being "sounded out" as a replacement for Hugo Lloris, should he move to Manchester United.

This obviously assumes that David De Gea is moving to Madrid (likely) and Hugo Lloris completes a megabucks move to Manchester United (less likely). It would make a certain logic to complete the perfect triangle swap (everyone pass your keeper to the left!) but Draper is the only one to actually suggest this option, and, well, the Mail on Sunday is still the Daily Mail.

Casillas is still a pretty fab keeper, even at 34, and is said to prefer a move to a London club. He's out of favor at Real Madrid because Madrid is kind of nuts and is fixated on Spain's current No. 1, De Gea, and at his age Casillas isn't content to be a backup. There are a couple of problems with this rumor, though: Casillas' age means that this would not be a long-term solution for Spurs, and his wages, reportedly at >£100k/wk, are still pretty darned high for a keeper. Plus, he's also connected to Arsenal, which would be a much more logical destination for him, since Arsene Wenger seems like the kind of manager who would go for him, plus he'd be getting Champions League football.

Plus, y'know, we're not selling Hugo, right?

I wouldn't turn down Iker Casillas at Spurs, but there are enough cosmic forces that are working against this thing happening that for now I'm calling it out as likely bogus. A lot of dominoes would need to fall, including Casillas agreeing to come to a Europa League club and take a pay cut, for him to be at Tottenham next season. Welcome to #batcountry.