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Midfield anchor set to commit his future to Tottenham

New contract? Yaaaaay! What, it's an unsourced rumor from the Mirror? Booooo!

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The problem with some transfer rumors is that even if you want to believe them, they're often released in various contexts that make it difficult for you to actually believe them. Take this one: the Mirror is reporting that Nabil Bentaleb is on the verge of signing a new contract with Tottenham that would keep him a Spurs player until 2020.

Fantastic, right? That's what we all wanted! Unfortunately, the Mirror doesn't give any details about the nature of the contract. Compounding my disbelief is that the article surrounds the Bentaleb news with emphatically lol rumors about Spurs sending £25m plus Andros Townsend to Aston Villa for Christian Benteke, and that Asmir Begovic could replace Hugo Lloris after he moves to Manchester United.

I'm happy to see this first bit of positive rumor about Bentaleb. And I do believe that eventually Nabil will sign a deal with Spurs and everyone will be happy again. I want to believe. But there's no sources, no quotes, no evidence, and the remainder of the rumors in the story are just crap. You know, sometimes the papers just make it so damn hard to take them seriously.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed and keep thinking happy thoughts. This whole thing is probably just agents playing hardball with Tottenham, and it'll work itself out in the end.