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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 15, 2015

Here are your news and links. And your Game of Thrones open thread.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Happy Monday Spursland! Sigh, nobody is reading this, you guys just scrolled through the headlines if you did that at all in a race to talk about the Game Of Thrones finale. It's OK I am used to it now, it happens every year.  If only half you people got this excited for a real show, a show of quality, like Alaskan Bush People. Anyway welcome to another week of your life, I hope nobody poops on you. [Editor's note: I read every word of this.]

And now the "news"

Spurs Legend Jimmy Greaves Leaves Hospital After Stroke-BBC

Get well soon Jimmy, And on the off chance harry Redknapp pays you a visit, box his ear for us.  Because you are in Lillywhite forever, and as an old man you can get away with doing that old school nun punishment stuff without people calling for your head.  It just makes sense.

Kaboul Suitor's Could be Put Off By £5 Million Pricetag-Guardian

I know that says the story is from the Guardian but it very well could come from something I overheard in any reasonable conversation around a North London chippie.  Come on can't you just see some grizzled 45 year old tin knocker taking a break from the job site chit-chatting with everyone else going into his know it all voice "you know gang a £5 million pound price tag will probably put off a lot of teams who would be in the market for that one legged war horse with a forehead the size of Minnesota".

FIFA Cleanup Chief Reminds Sepp Blatter he Still Needs To Go Away-SB Nation Soccer

I am just wondering, since Sepp is so popular in Asia and Africa and was reelected, how long until someone comes along to write about how this is the ultimate act of racism, of the white west finding a new way to trample the desires of the poorer Asian and African countries?  I feel like I just came up with three of four massive days of traffic for Gawker right there.  You are welcome, you douchebags.

This Neymar Move Should be Made ilegal-SB nation Soccer

How has SNL not come out with a retread of it's popular Boston focused satire sketches from the early 2000s where everyone shouted about NOMMMAARRRR, but instead just used Brazilians or Barca fans and Neymarrrrrr.

ESPN Confuses UGA And Nation Of Georgia-SB Nation Soccer

I have always said if Stalin was a college football fan he would roll with the Bulldogs.