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Cech your assumptions: outgoing Chelsea keeper set to snub Spurs for Arsenal


Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Petr Cech is leaving Chelsea this summer, and might move to north London, but the odds that he'll end up at Tottenham just took a severe hit. Cech's Chelsea goalkeeping coach more or less dismissed Tottenham as a viable transfer location, instead calling north London neighbors Arsenal "a top club with big ambitions."

Christoph Lollichon, goakeeping coach at Chelsea and Cech's primary coach for the past ten years, discussed Cech's transfer options in comments on a French radio station as reported in the Daily Mail, and well, it doesn't look good for Spurs.

'We [at Chelsea] started to prepare for the next season in December. Because we knew that the situation [Cech as back-up] cannot last. It's great for the club [to have two keepers such quality], but it cannot last. For a boy like Cech, [to stay] on the bench, it's hard.'

His family like England. And a player is happy when his family is happy. He want to stay in England, but I don't know where are the discussions. The Premier League is his primary objective. But it will also depends on the conditions.

The advantage is that Arsenal is a top club, with a philosophy that pleases him and that is at London. It is a base for consideration. Tottenham? I do not think they have the same ambitions that Arsenal. Petr wants to break a record of the clean sheets in the Premier League.'

Did you catch that? Petr Cech wants to break David James' Premier League clean sheets record currently at 172. Cech is currently at 166 clean sheets, and yet he doesn't think he can get six clean sheets between the sticks at Tottenham, ostensibly because of Spurs' porous defense. Also, Spurs don't have the same "ambitions" as Arsenal, whatever that means. Ouch.

This still kind of sucks. I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised that a former Chelsea #1 doesn't want to slum it in the Europa League, but Cech would be a very, very good replacement for Hugo Lloris should he end up moving to Manchester United. Guess we better not sell Hugo then, huh?