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Manager confirms fullback transfer to Tottenham Hotspur is an "active deal"

It's not official-official, but it's everything but.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Burnley FC has more or less confirmed that Tottenham's rumored agreement to bring right back Kieran Trippier to White Hart Lane this summer is a real and actual thing. The club tweeted the following on their official Twitter account, saying that manager Sean Dyche knows that a deal is in the works and things are moving towards completion.

This is a bit of an unusual thing to have happen. Normally managers don't comment at all on a deal that's in progress, so it's odd to have Dyche make any kind of public statement. It's even odder for the official Twitter account of a club essentially confirm that a deal is going to happen before it's officially-officially announced by both clubs. But that's what's happened here.

So, if you had any lingering doubts about whether Kieran Trippier was going to be joining Tottenham Hotspur this summer this should help assuage them. Barring Trippier's hamstring blowing up before signing the paperwork or his agent demanding £200k/week wages, I think we can assume that this deal is going to happen.