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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 18, 2015

Hot taeks on Clint Dempsey.

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! OK let me just say this at the top.  For those of you who actually read the thoughts that leak out of my skull and land on the internet hear you know that occasionally the powers that be around here let me slip something out that is a littler controversial.  Usually those aren't the things that cause a stink.  It's the less controversial stuff that brings the death threats.  Well somewhere below there is something that might piss a few people off.  Just be forewarned.

And now the "news"

Liverpool And Spurs Fight For Barca Youngster-Telegraph

Mother of God all I can see is his hair, he has the hair of early Fonzie.  HE IS PERFECT FOR SPURS! I mean yes eventually he will jump over a shark on water skis while wearing a bathing suit and a leather jacket and then the show will slowly die but until then...

10 games To Watch This Year-Sky Sports

Spurs vs City September 26.  Book it kiddo, this one is gonna be big.

The USWNT Has A Problem They Can't Fix-SB Nation Soccer

If only there was a website, nay a network of websites that were pointing this out like months and months ago?  A network staffed by footballing geniuses who write prolific amounts of content with top level analysis that called this from day one? Oh wait that would be SB Nation.

Could Dempsey's Temper Tantrum Leave Him Suspended For The Gold Cup?-SB Nation Soccer

Yes it could, which would suck, but then again he is getting old and it would be cool to give some of the new kids a shot in there, ya know.  Separate from that though, this event lends further (but not definitive) proof to a theory I have had ever since that rap video came out. I believe it is possible that hanging out with Clint Dempsey would be really really unenjoyable. Like I really feel that if anyone hung out with him alone in his living room for 20 minutes you would walk away kind of hating him.  A lot.  like you would make it your business in the future when meeting new people who like soccer to purposely steer conversations towards a subject that will allow you to tell the story and evangelize your opinions on him.

Look At This GoPro Video OF A Couple Doing Crazy Gymnastics Stuff On A Surfboard-SB Nation

Spoiler alert, the surfboard is just sitting on the beach so it's a lot like a more athletic and team oriented version of that scene from point break where the girl tells Keanu "you're gonna be fish food".  God what a great movie that was #utahgetmetwo