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Tottenham make cheeky €28m bid for Barcelona and Arsenal-linked midfielder

Spurs have apparently tried to swipe Geoffrey Kondogbia out from beneath the noses of everyone, but this feels a bit dubious.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Interesting news from Spanish transfer rumor land today: SPORT magazine is reporting that Tottenham have put in a "close to €28m" bid for Monaco midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia. The Spanish daily claims that Kondogbia is wanted by manager Mauricio Pochettino and that he asked Spurs' management to make the bid.

In a world without Morgan Schneiderlin, Geoffrey Kondogbia is a Morgan Schneiderlin-like substance. Ostensibly descsribed as a defensive midfielder, he played more of a box-to-box role than as a holder for Monaco and raised eyebrows with a series of good performances in last year's Champions League, which has put him on the radar of a number of clubs. He also scored against Arsenal at the Emirates this season, which makes him okay by me.

Unquestionably talented and young at only 22, the danger is that Kondogbia has been playing in a much different system at Monaco than he would under Pochettino at Spurs and there's the chance that he might not adapt as well as someone who is more used to playing a high-press game, which according to Michael Caley, might make him more of a risk than players like Sven Bender and Giannelli Imbula. On the other hand, Pochettino never really used the holding midfielders he already had on Spurs' roster, so this might be direction he wants to go for his midfield pivot.

There's also the fact that there are other clubs sniffing around him too. SPORT is decently good on Barcelona rumors, and suggests the Catalan giants see Kondogbia Plan B if they can't land Paul Pogba. Real Madrid and both Milan clubs are supposedly interested as well, as is Arsenal, according to English sources.

The rumor is that Spurs have put in a bid, not that it has been accepted or that Kondogbia has agreed to come. Let's be honest: Kondogbia might be a really great signing for Spurs... and he also might not be. Bid or no bid, the odds that Spurs can land him are pretty low. Tottenham are the low club on the pole for midfielders, and it's likely that they'll have to wait for a few things to shake out before they can get the midfielder they need. That's not to say that they can't make a cheeky bid for a player to help move things along, though I'm willing to bet this is just Kondogbia's agent trying to drum up interest for a good move.