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Harry Kane is "flattered" by United, but that doesn't mean he wants to leave

Harry Kane is a wanted man, but he doesn't appear to be giving any come-and-get-me hints.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Harry Kane still loves Spurs! Nothing has changed in the past three days since he was last asked! That's what we can take away after the media confronted Kane with the Manchester United transfer rumors after England's 1-0 loss to Portugal in the U21 Euro Championship group stages yesterday. Here are his comments, as reported in the Guardian:

"I've seen there's interest but that's all I know. It's flattering for other clubs to maybe be interested but I'm happy at Spurs and I'm looking forward to the future.

Tottenham are a big club and that's the way people have got to see it. I'm at a big club now, I'm enjoying my football and I'm looking forward to next season."

Oh Harry, you had me at "I'm happy."

Now look, footballers are masters of not rocking the boat and saying exactly what they should say to keep the media as much off their back as possible. In this case, Harry Kane is saying exactly the right thing. Depending on your overall world view his comments can be interpreted in a range that spans from "I'm Tottenham's Steven Gerrard and I'm never leaving the club ever" to "I'm waiting until the £60m bid from United comes in to make a stink."

Kane's a genuine star. If he repeats last season's output, or even comes close, then he's going to be the subject of another offseason of intense transfer speculation as the biggest clubs in the world will finally disabuse themselves of the notion that he's a one-season wonder and start throwing their (metaphorical) underwear at him. For now, I don't think we have much to worry about: he's big enough to attract a nominally large prospective bid from United, but they're not going to write the super-huge check to really go after him this offseason. Even the red-top papers are starting to give up on the idea that Kane might actually be sold this summer, because unlike Hugo, he's giving them virtually nothing to work with, just lots of "Spurs are great!" quotes.

So in this case, let's put the cynicism aside and enjoy Harry's comments. He loves us. We love him. It's just a big ol' love fest. Put your hands up and let's all sing Let the Sunshine In.