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Besiktas, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce: this Tottenham star is waiting for your call

Emmanuel Adebayor is open to continuing his career in the Turkish league.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

If reports out of Turkey are accurate, Emmanuel Adebayor could be looking east towards his footballing future. Adebayor's agent Mehdi Işık, according to Turkish outlet Sporx, has claimed that his client is open to an off-season transfer to continue his playing career in the Turkish Süper Lig.

The report claims that Ade is "hungry for success" and that he's eager to follow the path blazed by his friend Didier Drogba, who had a moderately successful stint at Galatasaray in 2013. Sporx doesn't state any specific rumors or Turkish clubs that might be interested in his services, and so this is clearly just his agent trying to drum up interest. But, it opens up a few new possibilities as the transfer window beckons.

Ade's been linked to Turkey before, but the conventional wisdom until now was that he loved England too much to want to leave. If he's open to moving, Turkey just might be about the best solution for everyone. While he's surplus to requirements at Tottenham, Ade's still got enough in the tank to be a solid player for a mid-table side, but none of the clubs interested in him would be willing to pay his wages. That's not the case in Turkey. There are a number of clubs who will play in the Champions League and who are looking to attract top talent. These same clubs are also likely to be able to afford something close to Ade's salary. After a couple of seasons of turmoil, Turkey just might be the perfect place for a fresh start.

If Ade's agent is correct, this opens up a whole realm of possibilities. Spurs might be more likely to offload him, and Ade's more likely to get something close to what he was earning at Spurs while still playing top-level football. See, everyone's happy! Let's make this happen.