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Marseille bid for outcast midfielder, but he refuses to go

Benjamin Stambouli does not want to go back to France, but he doesn't seem to know if he'll be staying at Spurs either.

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

Summer is always an exciting time for Tottenham Hotspur because the club is always linked with purchasing a ton of players. This summer, it seems like there are also quite a few links to players who may be leaving Tottenham. One such player is Benjamin Stambouli, who has been linked to a move to Marseille. Reports out of France, however, indicate that Spurs have rejected this proposed move. Stambouli, however, has now come out and rubbished reports that he is heading back to France.

"I am aware of what is being said, and I think, no, I won’t be coming back to France. I am thinking about getting a bit more game time in England. I choose England for lots of reason, and so I will stay. It is there that I want to succeed. Maybe one day I will return to France. But today, my head is here. I have a month of holidays to recharge. I will see what I do. But, if there is something, it will be in England. My priority is to succeed at a Premier League club."

I don't think I need to point out to you that Stambouli indicates that he wants to succeed at a "Premier League club," not necessarily Tottenham. I honestly have no idea what Stambouli's future at Spurs will hold. In theory, he should be a competent squad player and occasional starter in manager Mauricio Pochettino's system, but this season hardly showcased that sort of talent. Stambouli's place in next season's squad will likely be determined by who comes in and what the market for players like Etienne Capoue and Paulinho is.