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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 23, 2015

Your news and links for Tuesday.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Can you feel the anxiety level ratcheting up? One of our big time U-21 players got tackled out of that meaningless tournament.  Granted it was one that was not yet proven in the first team but we all kinda know Pritchard can hang.  Speaking of players that can hang and are being put at risk in this tournament: HARRY KANE! Now that I have ruined your day lets get to whatever is going on.

Is Harry Kane A Top Three Striker In The League-ESPN FC

Yes, because Rooney hasn't been "Rooney" in forever, it's Aguerro, Costa, Kane. End of story, anyone else you can't name isn't a striker. This be-joweled man saying "Harry Kane isn't a known entity."  IT IS KNOWN you non-Khaleesi f**k.

Kane Outs Himself As Belieber-101 Great Goals

I am not clicking on that but do with it what you will.

USWNT Into The Quarters-Stars And Stripes FC

Eat an Andean Condor, Shakira, we just stomped a mud hole in you.

Messi Tries To Chip Keeper-SB Nation Soccer

it somehow doesn't work, despite it being "Messi," Neil Degrasse Tyson will appear on a podcast your friend listens to during their lunch break to explain this new law of physics.

Copa America To Play On Despite Weather Report Calling For "Industrial China" Conditions-SB Nation Soccer

Or at least that's how they are predicting it along the American weather model. The more accurate European model is predicting it to be the set from Peaky Blinders.