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Manchester United linked to Tottenham players 107 times this summer

There has already been lots and lots of ink spilled about Tottenham players heading to Manchester.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

As Spurs fans we know how finely the rumor mill can grind at times, but if you're thinking that Tottenham Hotspur players seem to be linked more often to Manchester United this summer than just about anyone else, you wouldn't be wrong. According to an article today in the Wall Street Journal, a survey of transfer rumor stories in the media thus far this summer have seen a total of 107 stories in British papers linking Tottenham Hotspur players to United, behind only Real Madrid with 166.

That's just links in the headlines. And the transfer window hasn't even opened.

Now, admittedly, Manchester United gets the lions' share of attention from the English language media not only because they're one of the biggest clubs in the world because they're still recovering from the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, have more money than God, and are rumored to have a mandate to spend this summer. United spent over £140m last summer and might yet top that this summer. Neither Kane nor Lloris are the even the top target for the media either – Bastian Schweinsteiger, who has a year left on his contract and who will not be given an extension by Bayern, is, with 64 articles.

But still, 107 headlines is a lot. What's interesting is that the Harry Kane rumors have nearly eclipsed the Hugo Lloris headlines, when Lloris is the much, much more likely player to make a move this offseason. And it's also quite possible that despite the plethora of piñatas headlines, neither Spurs player will be wearing a United kit when the transfer window slams shut in September.

You can expect the number of articles to get much, much higher before the end. Aren't transfer rumors just the best?