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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 26, 2015

再联系, Paulinho!

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Happy Friday Spursland! Look at you, not all of you, but you know who you are.  The doubters that rear their ugly small brained heads every October when a moderately high priced transfer isn't crushing it yet.  Or when we narrowly (or so it seems) miss out on a can't miss player who goes to any of the 10 clubs on the planet  (yes really there are financials to back that statement up) that are bigger than us and the doubters among you moan "Release the purse strings Levy" or "Way to be short sighted Daniel".  Or worst of all "We nee to get rid of this man, he is too focused on money and not  #glory".  Today, and days like it are the days when you sit quietly hoping nobody remembers the things you said about our dear leader.  This man is getting us 8 figures for Paulinho at last, some rumors say FULL RETURN ON INVESTMENT!  Kneel before Zod, you puny mortals.  Beg his forgiveness less you be purged to reeducation camps.

All hail Dear Leader Daniel Levy, the man who keeps us afloat and who WILL lead us to glory.

And now the "news"

What The Top Six Need To Do This Summer-BBC

Boy the BBC spared no expense on their Tottenham section did they. Dicks.

Onomah Getting Interest From City-Here In The City

The kid is 19, and a stud already.  Harry had rumors about how good he could be at this age but nothing like these rumblings.  And now the baby blue diarrhea faces (Trademark pending) from up north are sniffing around, which is rather challenging what with all that diarrhea. BUT THEY WILL NEVER GET HIM. Unless he has two or three thirty goal season then we make them pay through the nose for him.

The USWNT Need To Go Old School To Beat China-SB Nation Soccer

The wrong way is any way without Rapinoe.  Stay woke ( I don't really know what that means)!

Conor Doyle...Slam Piece-SB Nation Soccer

Ya get it?

Sixers Fan At The Draft Just Cheering For The Process-SB Nation Sadness

I am just amazed someone found a Sixers fan, and I live in Philadelphia!