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Tottenham re-kindles interest in Belgian winger

#BatCountry or #AllTheBelgians? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Remember back in January when we sent our own Aaron Lennon off to Merseyside to join Everton?  During that time, there was some talk about us doing a swap deal for Everton's Belgian winger, Kevin Mirallas.  There was enough talk about it where it seemed like a plausible move, but nothing ever came of it and we simply allowed Lennon to join Everton on a loan.

Well, those rumors are apparently starting to pick up again, though we have to take it with a truckload of salt because the reports come from our friends at The Mirror and Metro.  They are both reporting the same thing:  It looks like Levy is still hellbent on filling the Tottenham squad with Belgians, stating that Spurs are preparing a £7m bid to pluck Mirallas away from Merseyside.

Now, normally with those two being the only sources, we would slap #BatCountry on this faster than you could say "We can't stop here" while Johnny Depp screams about lizards, but there was genuine interest last winter.  Also, we have to take into consideration that Mirallas only has a year left on his contract and doesn't seem to be in any kind of a rush to sign an extension.  There's also the potential of letting Lennon stay on Merseyside full time and still pull off that swap deal to bring Mirallas to White Hart Lane, though the argument of whether the players are equal on value is up for discussion.

For now, we'll call this "plausible" just from the history we have back in January.  For £7m, it doesn't seem like a bad option, but I feel as though this may fizzle out and become just another dead rumor in the wonderful world of Silly Season.