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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 3, 2015

Hump day WOOP WOOP

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Happy Wedsnesday Spursland! Are you happy, boys and girls? Are you feeling good and nice and snuggly wuggly warm now that the bloated biped wineskin that is Sepp Blatter has resigned?  Of course you are because almost everyone reading this comes from a large developed nation who got hosed by Blatter and not from the third world where he showered small underdeveloped countries with badly needed funds to develop their youth teams and purchase equipment.

Look at me finding a way to play devils advocate.  What a complex being I am.

And now the "news"

Everything you Need To Know About Wimmer-Sky Sports

If you want to get excited about a new signing and can't wait until whoever we sign at CM is a huge let down read this.  it will get you jacked up; it is a bee pollen boost to your daily shake of kale and young player excrement.

Why Tottenham Must Pull Out All The Stops To Sign Andriy Yarmolenko-Here In The City

Because nobody will ever be able to tell if I misspelled his name? [Editor's note: you nailed it, Salmon.]

Five Ideas For Sepp Blatter's Next Corrupt Job-SB Nation Soccer

Sepp Blatter would not work at Friday's, he would work at Chotsky's.

Bob Ley Has Ascended The Iron Throne Of Soccer Journalism-SB Nation Soccer

It goes without saying in this metaphor that Andi Thomas would be the Hand of the King.  But this is so nice for Bob Ley.  He was mocked pretty harshly when he first became ESPN's soccer guy years ago.  And he had some rough edges at first, but he has in the last month in the wake of the FIFA corruption story taken a solid reputation built over the last few years and made himself a star.  A man of the people who called it like it is.  Good for you Bob.

Blatter Resigns, What Now, What Does It Mean-SB Nation Soccer

After reading this, for me it feels a lot like how Game of Thrones Season 4 ended.  For non-book readers of course.  That season wrapped up the first three books of the book series.  A bunch of things you have been waiting for and desperately craving finally happened.  But now you don't know what comes next and there isn't a clear direction for the story yet.  Anything could happen.