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Arsenal player charged by FA after profanity-laced Tottenham chant


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After Arsenal defeated Aston Villa in the FA Cup last weekend, their players were pretty happy. So happy in fact that Jack Wilshere used the opportunity to lead the Gooner crowd in a profanity-laced chant about our own beloved Tottenham Hotspur. Today, in what must be one of the most ridiculous rulings of all time, Wilshere was charged by the Football Association with "misconduct," apparently for having a potty mouth.

Look, let's be fair. This misconduct charge by the FA is patently ridiculous, and under normal circumstances we wouldn't care at all. It's one reason why we didn't write about it at the time: Arsenal player talks s**t about Spurs – news at 11. It's just banter, and pretty crap banter at that. Which is exactly why I find the FA's charges so incredibly, trolltasticly, delicious. Think about it: Jack Wilshere was just charged with misconduct by the FA for trash-talking a fellow Premier League club at the FA Cup celebration when the subject of his trash-talk had absolutely nothing to do with the FA Cup final. And he's already had to apologize.

Meanwhile, Tottenham officials have reportedly responded privately by calling Wilshere a "doo-doo head" and using the I'm-rubber-you're-glue defense.

So congratulations, Jack Wilshire: you have been charged by the FA for saying a naughty word. We're glad that you care so much about Tottenham Hotspur that you can't seem to enjoy your club's successes without comparing Arsenal to your North London rivals. And congratulations as well to the Football Association for charging a grown man with misconduct for saying the word "s**t" into a microphone and engaging in some pointless banter. Meanwhile, the investigation over Malky Mackay's racist, sexist, and homophobic behavior continues.

Don't mind me, I'll be over here in the corner laughing at everyone.