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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for June 4, 2015

Thursday links and news, JUST FOR YOU. No, not him. Not her either. JUST YOU.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happy Thursday Spursland! Let us play a game my lovelies.  In light of the renewed sense of civic discourse on the comments these last few weeks (You make me so happy) I wanted to ask you guys to help me with something.  We have offered new contracts to Kane and Mason, young guys who contributed significantly although to varying degrees but they are young contributors and got new contracts this year.  Big time pay raises.  Bentaleb has supposedly been negotiating a pay raise for 9 months and can't get one.  He is wanted by other very big clubs for big money.  Can anyone give me one good reason why we don't put this kid on 25-30K a week?

And now the "news"

Why Do We Sing About Hating Spurs And not Loving Arsenal?-Daily Cannon

Because it's fun you dolt. What do people not get about it, it's fun to s**t on someone.  Why do you think that kid on the bus said that about your mother back in the third grade? Because he didn't get hugged at home?  It doesn't matter if that is the case, s**t talking other people is fun.  It isn't hard to understand.

EXCLUSIVE: England Star Townsend Claims To Be Getting His International Career Back On Track-Daily Star

For the record two differing publications claimed this exact same exclusive. The English press will never let you down, because expectations can be no lower.

Rafa Benitez Takes Over At Madrid, Keeps His Staff-Managing Madrid

Great news for Rafa, and even better new for Madrid fans looking for an early reason to call for his firing by Christmas.

Sepp Blatter Thinks he Can Save FIFA, Really-SB Nation Soccer

Red wine is a hell of a drug.

UFC Unveils Ridged New Drug Testing Policy-SB Nation

And Hector Lombard and Vitor Belfort immediate retired on hearing the news