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Sputtering Spurs striker says he's not leaving this summer

That guy who said he was Ade's agent? Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, not so much.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Hey, remember that time when we thought that Emmanuel Adebayor might be interested in continuing his career in Turkey? That was awesome. The striker discussed the rumors on Twitter today and, well, basically said they're completely bogus.

That's right. Not only does he completely deny that he wants to leave Tottenham, he even denies that he's ever heard of Mehdi Isik, the guy who claimed to be his agent. If we're to believe Ade, and I think in this case we probably should, someone out there is claiming to be his agent and is just flat out lying to the press and anyone who will listen for... uh, I guess reasons. Whoever this Mehdi Isik guy is, he's not part of Ade's entourage.

I don't know whether this is distressing, hilarious, or just plain weird. Likely all three. Unless some other development comes up, it doesn't appear that any transfer for Adebayor's services is at all imminent, or even likely at this point. Looks like we're back to hoping for Tim Sherwood as our savior.